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Metal Recycling

Macaulay Metals buy, sells and exports scrap metal from sources such as manufacturing off-cuts and stampings, demolition and obsolete equipment.

We are the largest scrap metal recyclers in New Zealand for a reason. Our set of services is the most comprehensive in the industry. A feat that’s only made possible by the collected knowledge and years of experience of our technicians and deal brokers. No one can offer as many variant deals as we do without knowing almost everything about metals and the scrapping industry.

Our services cover a range of scenarios regarding scrap metal. We also have the expertise to appraise different recycling materials to provide customers with an accurate quote, but this is a list wherein we include our most commonly traded commodities:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Insulated Cables
  • Spent Vehicle Batteries

Customers who wish to do business with the technicians and brokers of Macaulay Metals have two options in getting their scrap metals to us. They can either drop their scrap to any of our yards – or we can deliver a bin to yours and pick it up later. We made these options available to give customers more freedom and convenience to get rid of their scrap and get paid for it.

We’ll give you a price and pay you promptly. We’ll also give customers all the information and measure our brokers used to reach that amount if they ask for it. We want to establish our credibility and authority in the industry. But our biggest reason is that we want customers to trust our judgement, and show them that our methods are grounded on facts and experience.

Macaulay Metals makes everything easy. Customers don’t have to think about any of the subtle technicalities if they don’t want to. We’ll work closely with customers from the initial assessment all the way down to the final pickup of the scraps to be recycled.

Feel free to contact us for questions you might he about our service, and explore the rest of our website to get more information about scrap metal recycling.