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For people who aren’t familiar with the industry, it is possible for scrap dealers to broker deals between two parties and reach a transaction that satisfies both of their interests. The best scrap metal brokers are prized for their connections and influence within the scrapping industry; their experience is a luxury that can help buyers get the deal they need quickly.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far for competent scrap metal brokers, as you’re already reading about one of the best in the business. Macaulay Metals is the largest privately owned scrap recycling business in New Zealand for many reasons, and our brokering services is one of them.

If we can’t land your scrap into our yard, we’ll broker it direct from yours. Pack your scrap and we’ll broker a deal.

Our dealers have years of collected experience and knowledge to help guide their decisions and negotiations with each meeting. They can move seamlessly from the gritty specifications of appraising the metals to the subtle technicalities of the business deal. You know you’re always in good hands when you work with Macaulay Metals for every scrap brokerage deal.

We will negotiate the very best price for you based on our:

  • Wide access to customers
  • Export relationships
  • Efficient shipping systems
  • Extensive national and international networks

There are very few other yards that can even match what we have to offer, and the list of people who can do the job as well as we do is even shorter. We have over a decade of expertise in the metal scrapping industry to support our claims, and effectively deliver all the promises we make to customers.

Macaulay will organize and manage everything from containers to ships to advice on banking relationships.

Relax and let us do all the heavy lifting for you, we’re glad to do it, which is one of the main reasons we’ve stayed in this business for so long. We enjoy what we do, and want to help you by doing it. Contact us today to get more details on our brokering services, and browse through the rest of the website to learn about what we do.